Rockin the Bowl 2021, A Rock Gem in Sheffield

Well! I needed that. Great Tunes, Great People and Camping.


I was unaware that this was only the 2nd ever Rockin the Bowl because of the way it was talked about.

As I entered Manchester for my train I was looking forward to seeing new faces and leaving the Scallies on the Tram far behind. Rockin the Bowl takes place in the ‘Don Valley Bowl’ just outside Sheffield. With headliners Cats in Space, Doro and Massive Wagons to look forward to, this was going to be a Post Lockdown Happy Place.

Massive Wagons

I had only really been able to get to see Indie and Hip Hop artists since getting back in the groove, apart from a day of Black Metal at Riff Fest in Bolton, so getting a weekend of Rock Music was exciting.


Eventually after getting there, I broke the world record for Smallest Tent and Fastest Time to put it up, couldn’t wait to get stuck in. Looking around, the set up was good, the Beer Tent sold Tokens, £4.50 each or 5 for £20……….£4 a pint is actually cheaper than my beer at the local after work and the Rhubarb Cider was well fit, had a few of those.

Gin Annie

The food was good too, I tended to eat Burgers because I was camping, keep it simple and no night-time visits. I payed £5 for a cheese burger, not a bad price at a festival. The Music was what I expected, Gin Annie were brilliant (as usual), Bad Touch grow on me more and more each time I see them.

I’ve seen Doro before at Bloodstock but I couldn’t remember much of it because, well you know, was late and I was intoxicated. She was amazing, she is almost hypnotic to watch and her voice! I found myself putting her on at work on Monday…….as well as Wagons, obviously. I’d like to give mentions to all the bands but I knew this was gonna be more of a Gathering than a Festival, I know I’ll see 90% of the crowd at the next one.

There were a few hiccups on the Festivals part but were quickly and apologetically sorted out.


I will definitely look into going again next year and I would highly recommend to anybody who want a laid back Rock Festival.

Apologies, I’m a Photographer, not a writer.

Enjoy my pics…..


Philip Goddard

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