This site is only made possible with the Contributors who tirelessly go out and Shoot/Review shows.

Philip Goddard – Editor/Photographer 

Bought a DSLR in 2012 and never looked back. I love shooting all Genres from Death Metal to Pop. I Started this site in 2015…….I think?

Contact :


Steve White – Photographer/Reviewer 


Started out sneaking a small 35mm compact camera into gigs to simply have a visual reminder of the event. Loved photography but mainly focussed on travel, a few portraits and day to day events. I’m an obsessive Buzzcocks fan and one day a chance encounter with their bass player at the merch stand resulted in me being put on their guest list for concerts. That led to a photo pass and a lot of very poor pictures. But I got better at it and I’ve not looked back since. Like most people I do it because I love it and not for any financial reward. I’ve no interest in making money from my photos. Post punk and punk are my favourite genres, especially in small clubs, but anything that’s a little different and packs a punch I’ll listen to. I’m also a big reggae fan.  

Never bothered with a website. Should I? All my gig photos are on Flickr. 

Small claims to fame: An Adam Ant DVD cover for which I didn’t get credited (but did get a very apologetic email). A Buzzcocks album cover – as a completely obsessive fan for over 40 years I doubt anyone else will ever understand what this meant to me. 


Joanne Marsland – Photographer/Reviewer 

Manchester based Photographer/Reviewer. Big fan of indie/rock music and live metal gigs. Started as a reviewer 5 years ago but got the photography bug after shooting at festivals. Learning as I go (winging it), I like to champion local talent and up and coming bands. 

Si Morgan – Photographer/Reviewer  

Photographer originally from South Wales,now residing in Bristol. Into Rock and Metal and an avid festival goer..

Klare Sherwood – Photographer 


Melanie Smith – Photographer 

I’m a freelance female photographer based in the North West and have been involved in the music industry since 2008.

Music plays a big part in my life and has done since 1976. I possess an eclectic taste in music, I don’t like to be tied down to one genre. I think I still have that punk spirit that I had back in 1977. We can all be creatives and this is what being punk was all about.

I created my own music webzine in 2008 – 2013 before hanging up my boots and concentrating on my main focus, which is photography. I love supporting female musicians and artists and this has been a big feature for me over the past few years.

I am also the live/ book/ photography editor at Louder Than War and have freelanced for other sites too.

My social media:

Facebook – mudkissphotography

Twitter @mudkissphotos

Insta @mudkissphotos

Available for commissioned work, please contact me

Mick Birchall – Reviewer

A music reviewer with over 10 years experience of working in the music industry, based in the North West UK. Predominantly covering events in the Manchester area. I have worked for many online webzines including We Shoot Music, Valkyrian Music and Heavy Mag. I also publish my reviews on my own blog

I review live music events, albums of all genres and I interview musicians about their musical process and try to find out how their influences inform their musical decisions. I mostly cover the genres of rock, metal and country but I love a little bit of all other genres.



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