Started out sneaking a small 35mm compact camera into gigs to simply have a visual reminder of the event. Loved photography but mainly focussed on travel, a few portraits and day to day events. I’m an obsessive Buzzcocks fan and one day a chance encounter with their bass player at the merch stand resulted in me being put on their guest list for concerts. That led to a photo pass and a lot of very poor pictures. But I got better at it and I’ve not looked back since. Like most people I do it because I love it and not for any financial reward. I’ve no interest in making money from my photos. Post punk and punk are my favourite genres, especially in small clubs, but anything that’s a little different and packs a punch I’ll listen to. I’m also a big reggae fan.  

Never bothered with a website. Should I? All my gig photos are on Flickr. 

Small claims to fame: An Adam Ant DVD cover for which I didn’t get credited (but did get a very apologetic email). A Buzzcocks album cover – as a completely obsessive fan for over 40 years I doubt anyone else will ever understand what this meant to me. 


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