When I shoot a gig for my website, there can be certain time constraints from the people who have provided me with a Photopass. Sometimes I can go straight from my day job, to a gig and then in work again the next morning SO I’ve devised a way to get pics edited for the review before I even go to bed that night.


To begin with, my camera shoots 50 megapixels and the raw files can be up to 70mb, so I bought a phone with a lot of RAM, 12gb to be exact. So my editing is very smooth.


I use Lightroom Mobile. It has everything I need for colour correction, de-noising, cropping etc…….all from Raw files. There is also Photoshop Express, which is free, that edits RAW files, may be an idea to try that to see if your phone can handle the load…

I also have a USB-C SD card reader that connects to my phone ( Samsung S20 ) A decent quality one can be bought on Amazon for about £10

Now I’ll show you my process of getting quality cleaned up images, edited from my Raw files on my Phone and all before my head hits the pillow the same night.

First, plug in your SD adapter with your card in it, your phone should tell you storage has been added

Then find the folder on the card with your files in.


Have a mooch through your pics to find the ones you want to edit, I’m not sure if this is all phones but when I press on a picture to preview, I have to go back to all files rather than scrolling through previews afterwards………..this is just for RAW files.

Choose the share logo and share it to Lightroom, the pic will be imported.

Keep doing this for all the pics you want to edit in Lightroom. When you open Lightroom later they will be waiting, imported. When I open up, chosen the image I want to edit, I’ll double tap the screen to make it 100% to make sure its sharp. REMEMBER that importing them still leaves the files on your SD card so no worries about that.

The first thing I do is adjust the Colour Balance, I shoot with my WB at Auto, which doesn’t really matter, I just choose which setting in Editing.

My choice on this one was Tungsten, it will vary with what mood I’m in as to how I want my pics. I will then adjust my light settings according, trying to make sure my Photo isn’t flat or over contrasty. 

On the photo now, I’m not happy with the darkness of his face. I’m going to lighten just his face with a mask.

Choose Radial Gradient in the Mask menu
Touch the area you want to enhance then a red mask will appear, adjust this to the size you require

You can now adjust Saturation, Exposure, Contrast etc to your requirements. After doing this there are a number of adjustments you can make.

With Colour Mix, you can adjust the Hue, Brightness and Satiration of individual Colours. If your red lights are too orange etc, you can change.

Now save, use Export as….

You get plenty of save options including size in pixels, file type, Watermark and quality.
Once you have set the Watermark up it will remain on as an option until you turn it off.

Now you should have your RAW file edited, watermarked, reduced and as a jpeg ( if that’s what you want )

Once you get used to the way all this works it literally takes minutes per Image. I had a day of a festival edited by the time my train got to Manchester from Sheffield once, I’ve even edited pics as I’m listening to them at the venue.

Remember this is just for quick turnover, you want to do more advanced at a later date……….use your usual.


Try the pipette when you are struggling, choose it and touch an area on Image that should be neutral grey, it may outsmart you 😀 


Welcome to your new office……

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