Great Band, Great Fans and a Great Night with Erasure

It was 1988 before anyone in my family owned a CD player, my brother received one for his birthday and one of the CDs to come with it was The Circus by Erasure, he played Victim of Love and I was hooked.
It’s taken 33 years for me to get off my backside and go and see them live.

Andy Bell

When I saw that they were playing 2 nights at the Manchester Apollo, that was it.

When I got there it was a shame there was no support band, just a DJ but I’d arrived fairly late anyway. I wasn’t sure how Andy Bell was going to dress up, being a Photographer I was hoping as extravagant as possible. The blue basque with 1 nipple out was it.

Andy Bell

As I was really only familiar with their early work I knew there was going to be a lot of tunes I didn’t know.

Andy Bell

After the Joe 90 intro they came out and played a song I’m very familiar with, Chorus, the next 2 of Hey Now and Fill us with fire I didn’t know but didn’t really matter as I was taking pictures.

I remember making my way to the o2 lounge upstairs and hearing The Circus and Who needs love like that. Once settled with a pint I could enjoy myself.

Vince Clarke

Blue Savannah is probably my favourite Erasure song as it brings back memories of my trip to Paris with college, WILD! Album was constantly played ony Walkman.

I found a place at the back of the upper balcony and totally enjoyed the show, the noise from people singing up there was unreal. There was one lady who looked absolutely knackered but every time she sat down another classic was played and she was up again…….I bet she slept last night.

I rarely let myself go at concerts, I’m quite reserved but on Saturday I went home with a battered voice box.

Andy Bell

When I love to hate you was played it was a non stop chorus to the end, with Drama, Stop, Victim of Love followed by an encore of Oh L’Amour and A Little Respect.

When I was just a teenager, these were just banging tunes but now I’m heading to fifty, the lyrics are now very poignant, the songs made sense.

This was the best gig I’ve been to in a very long time, I will definitely see them again and wish I would have in the past.

Great night, great fans, great band.

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Philip Goddard

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