by Joanne Marsland

Hardcore melodic metal giants DENDERA are gifting us with their new EP REBORN INTO DARKNESS on December 4th 2020, finally something to look forward to this year. As a follow up to their 2017 EP BLOOD RED SKY, this metal masterpiece isn’t just a grower, it forcefully smacks you in the face from the first play, so good I immediately pre-ordered it.
The 5 piece from Portsmouth have been around for a decade now and have toured Europe with GLORYHAMMER and CIVIL WAR, played many a festival including BLOODSTOCK and SOS FEST, and as a live act I can tell you they never, ever disappoint. Frontman Ashley (also with POWER QUEST) has energy, enthusiasm and an unbelievable vocal ability which really trancends onto this record, and yet the other band members are not at all in the background on this EP with some fantastic guitar work and frenzied drumming throughout.
Not that this band needed anything extra, but they have managed to bag some special guests for this EP which adds a whole new dimension and I have to say it really works, kind of like getting an upgrade on your already amazing phone.
TOM BARBER ( CHELSEA GRIN) adds some killer vocals alongside Ashley on THE END OF DAYS which is lyrically my favourite track. It follows INSURRECTION, an instrumental which I can totally picture as an atmospheric walk on track for the bands live shows, and THE VOID which even though is a drum heavy track it mostly showcases the guitar work of Stephen, Dave and Bradley on bass, probably the only track which you can still catch more than a hint of IRON MAIDEN hanging on in there.
SABATONs TOMMY JOHANSSON adds some of his unmistakable guitar riffs to ENDLESS SUFFERING and Andys epic drumming provides another stand out performance along with Ashleys vocals.
REBORN, released as a single in early November, features the supporting vocals of CJ MCMAHON of the Aussie brutal metal band THY ART IS MURDER and it surprised me how well his and Ashleys vocals stand together and along with the guitar wizardry on this track it’s just an epic finale to the EP.
Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will get to witness these new songs at a live gig, but until then have a listen to the single and buy the EP asap, you won’t regret it!!!


Philip Goddard

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