THE 501’s RAGE ( single review)

THE 501’s
RAGE ( single review)

By Joanne Marsland

Welsh indie/alternative band The 501’s have added yet another belting tune to their playlist, RAGE. Shanes vocals and the catchy as hell guitar riffs from Darran ( also of Funeral For A Friend) will get this song well and truly wedged into your brain in no time. Previous releases from the past year The Enemy Within, Who We Are and Scars are all epic songs with a familiarity that will definitely appeal to fans of Stereophonics, Oasis, Manics and Foo fighters. RAGE, on the other hand, is a stand out energetic rock track which gives the band an identity of their own and I’m guessing it will be a stunner live. The B side to the single is an acoustic version of my favourite 501’s track, High In Hollywood from The Enemy Within EP released earlier this year.
Check out the single/video if you haven’t already, follow the guys on social media and fingers crossed we may get to see them live in 2021 as they are set to support the awesome Hands Off Gretel at The Cobblestones in Bridgwater next May.


Philip Goddard

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