Cast at Manchester Ritz 21/1/22

Although there weren’t many gigs to choose from lately, I was looking forward to this. Work, Home, Shower, Tram, Pint and Cast.
It would have gone that smoothly if The Ritz had posted set times on Social Media… was a bit rushed in the end.

John Power

I never made good time to see and shoot the support Shambolics, but have heard very good things about them and will keep my beedy eye out for them.
Cast walked out, who are celebrating 25 years since the album All Change ( nearer 26 now ) started proceedings with Promised Land followed by Landslide.
The thing I like about Cast is how catchy all of their tunes are and how much fun they have playing live.

Jay Lewis

After taking my pics, obviously I had a little peek at them as they played Sandstorm and Fine Time, The Ritz was booming by this time, arms in the air, singing at full.
I then made my way to the seats upstairs on the balcony and was treated to Walk Away…….what an epic tune.

Keith O’Neil

Not many bands can produce albums where all the tracks are class, Cast seemed to have achieved this with All Change, when they finished the album with Two of a Kind, they took a tiny little break off stage.

Liam Tyson

Returning to stage with Alright, upstairs was like a football crowd singing it was that loud, this was followed by Magic Hour, I managed to grab a pint before after a few more tunes, the finished on Fine Time.

I was knackered as I was heading down but so glad I went, Class band, Class album, Top night…..

Review and Photos by Philip Goddard


Philip Goddard

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