Behemoth and Arch Enemy at the Manchester Apollo

Behemoth and Arch Enemy are two bands I’ve seen before but for only a few songs each and when I saw this line up I was very keen to shoot this and experience more of them live. Sadly I couldn’t get there early enough to see Carcass, I hear good things about them but it just wasn’t to be.

Arch Enemy were really good the last time I saw them at Bloodstock and this time they were epic too. Alissa White-Gluz is a fantastic vocalist and was also all over the stage. The stage was amazingly lit and also lots of fire, the first burst scared the crap out of me.

They opened with Deceiver, Deceiver followed by songs such as Ravenous, My Apocalypse, The Watcher and Nemesis. I think Arch Enemy are going to be slowly introduced to my Metal playlist. Because I rarely get to see more than 3 songs of a band when I shoot festivals, I never really started listening to them after Bloodstock but I definitely will now, a very good band.

Behemoth however are on my Metal playlist, I started listening to a few of their tracks prior to seeing them at Knotfest in Nantes in 2019. My favourite tunes are The Satanist, Bartzabel, O Father O Satan O Sun! and Ben Sahar.

Beyond them songs I don’t really know many more. The Theatre of Behemoth is what made me want to see them again.

They opened with Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer followed by The Deathless Sun and Ov Fire and the Void. Yet again I was worried for my eyebrows with the fire. Behemoth really have a dark presence on stage, Bass player Tomasz Wróblewski is really intimidating.

I actually had a seat on the Balcony for this gig, being old it made me very happy. After a few more songs they played Bartzabel, the only song in the set I knew but I got the chance to hear a lot of songs new to me. When they closed with Chant for Eschaton 2000 I knew I’d been missing out by not listening to more of them in previous years, this was my favourite of the night and was a bit gutted when they bowed and left the stage.

Behemoth are fast becoming my favourite Metal Band, I like all genres so don’t tend to listen to full catalogues of bands but I think with these I may give every album a go.


Absolutely fantastic night and I hope my pics do it justice….


Philip Goddard

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