The Enemy rock’s out Manchester

The Enemy are back on their huge Uk reunion tour to celebrate the 15th anniversary  which most shows have sold out including both Manchester dates!

Opening up is Wide Eye Boy a band from Liverpool an indie rock band showing pride with the likes of wombats and circa waves these guys show us what they have got and they did it brilliantly with their modern rock vibes. With such a short set they nailed it and I really hope to see them on another tour!
Up next is little man Tate another band which has made a comeback and got a huge welcoming reception from the crowd! For those who don’t know little man Tate is another indie band which exploded in the mid 00’s with tracks like “sexy in Latin” & “house party at boothy’s” Thanks to this band the crowd were in good spirits singing and dancing and prepared for the enemy.
The Enemy need i say any more one of many bands from my teenage years which I finally got to see live and oh boy this isn’t a night to forget. Again, Tom Clarke comes onto stage and that was basically it. Opening up to aggro the crowd went tits.
Remember this is the 15th anniversary tour of “we live and die in these town” album which is full of bangers which were played and it just hit you. The crowd screaming along, dancing and I’m pretty sure there  were some “mosh pits to it went that crazy and there was a bloke with a wooden spoon with a smiley face on it dancing the night away. Though the night was dominated by the debut album there were a few other tracks from the other album too like ” be somebody & gimmie the sign with Saturday.
Can I just point out on how immense this show actually was… it was hot i mean really bloody hot ..this is an indie show! So, for it to be this moist it just proves to you how the crowd were just living in the moment and it’s bloody brilliant.
Photos and Words by Christopher James Ryan

Philip Goddard

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