90s Baby Pop at AO Arena, Manchester

This was a mini festival I really fancied as soon as I saw it advertised. Most of the music played was not really my thing but I just knew I’d get a blast of nostalgic memories from a day of pop.

I wasn’t sure how so many artists were gonna be crammed into such a small space of time but the way it was done was perfect. Not really any live bands but this was a celebration of nineties and naughties pop. I got there well in time for the first act and was absolutely gobsmacked to pay £7.50 for a pint of Dark Fruits, absolutely outrageous. Considering the current financial climate and we still have certain venues thinking its ok to rip us off, not good.

As for the gig, so many familiar faces and songs……Bewitched were brilliant, Edele and Keavy Lynch wouldn’t be out of place in a rock band. Loved every second of their performance.

Atomic Kitten, even though there was only 2 were also great, Whole Again brought back lots of memories of when I first became a Dad. This is why I was there.

When S Club 7 were on, they didn’t really do it for me until Don’t Stop Movin kicked in. Not heard that song forever, the best song they did. 

There was just hit after hit all night, Whigfield with When I think of you and Saturday Night, Corona with Rhythm of the Night and also The Cheeky Girls. One I was really looking forward to was Las Ketchup with The Ketchup Song……. absolutely love that song, memories of holidays.

911 and Five were good but defo not my thing, although all very nostalgic. Chico, Honeyz, Big Brovaz/Booty Luv and Gareth Gates also deserve a mention aswell. They all seem to relish the 10k plus crowd.

Sadly Aqua had to pull out and I didn’t even realise 2unlimited hadn’t played until I started writing this. Gala singing Freed from Desire and also Lou Bega doing Mambo No5 were really memorable, the Spanish dancer for Gala was hypnotic.

But my 2 favourites of the night was Heather Small and Los Del Rio. M People were an amazing band at the time, Search for the Hero and Moving on up were so big at the time and still are now.

As for The Macarena, those guys are legends. I’m not 100% but I swear that were saying Viva Man City when they came on and then singing a Solskjaer song at the end. Seeing the Majority of the Arena doing the Macarena was brilliant.

Would I go again? Hell yes, one of the best gigs of the year, defo going next year!!!

Photos and Words by Philip Goddard 


Philip Goddard

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