Tramlines 2023

I think I knew from the start it was going to be a difficult weekend. The line up was excellent as always is with Tramlines but it was things that were out of the organisers control that would affect the weekend.

Getting to Hillsborough from Manchester on the Friday was filled with cancelled trains so the first band we got to see was The Mary Wallopers in the Leadmill tent.

They were very catchy with their distinct Irish sound, I will keep my eye out for them touring and give them another go I think.

Sadly I could only watch them for 20 mins because Manchester’s finest Pale Waves were on soon at T’other stage.

Heather walks on stage to a massive roar from the crowd, showing how relevant Pale Waves are to the music scene at the minute. Having seen them 4 times previous, I know what to expect.

I’ve never seen Richard Ashcroft with The Verve which is a shame, he is so much better with the band that helped make him a Northern legend.

That said he still sends a shiver down my spine with epic tunes such as Sonnet, Lucky Man, Bittersweet Symphony and Song for Lovers.

He is possibly one of the best songwriters of all time…….in my opinion.

Sadly Saturday was always gonna be a none starter, train strikes made it impossible to get to Sheffield so we stayed at home.

Sunday however was a follow on the the torrential rain that hit Sheffield on Saturday. A delayed opening while staff worked tirelessly to make the grounds safe.

The first band I went to see was Black Honey in T’other tent, I saw them at Leeds Festival last year. Izzy Baxter has a mesmerising voice and epic stage presence. Playing quality tunes such as I like the way you die and Hello Today.
With the rain falling outside like a Yorkshire monsoon, Black Honey were guaranteed a large crowd which they deserved.

Next up were Wunderhorse, described by a friend as a modern day Radiohead….maybe

Sadly by now we were soaked to the bone and decided to give Kaiser Chiefs a watch then head back over the pennines. I’d never seen them live before and wish I’d seen them 15 years ago. A great live band with anthems like I predict a riot, Ruby and Everyday I love you less and less. We were sent home soaked but satisfied.

Sadly, Phil, the Photographer had an equipment meltdown on top of the rain so the pics are very sparse.

Waterlogged Camera
Waterlogged Camera

Next years tickets are already on sale and I highly recommend a trip to Sheffield, one of the best Festivals out there.

Words by Olivia Goddard

Photos by Philip Goddard 


Philip Goddard

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