Tom Walker at Nick Rayns LCR, Norwich, Sunday 5th May

Tom Walker rolled into Norwich as part of his I Am tour. The evening kicked off with a dynamic opening act, the Limerick trio Kingfishr.

Earlier in the day they dropped in on a local fan who had invited them and performed a short set in their house. It doesn’t take long for the audience to get behind the band, singing and dancing.

At one point lead singer Eddie leaves the stage to play a song in the centre of the audience. Kingfishr are new act to me but I quite like their songs so will be looking out for them in the future.

So on to the main event. The lights dim and the band come on stage and launch into Holy Ghost. After a few minutes Tom Walker appears on stage to huge applause, with guitar in hand and sporting his trademark hat. Holy Ghost with Tom’s powerhouse vocals goes down well and certainly sets the tone for the evening. Rapture follows quickly and has the audience singing along.

Tom announces to eager fans that a new album is coming later in the year. This is greeted with huge cheers to which Tom responds by singing the new song I Am
Between songs Tom talks about the love of his life, wife, before introducing love songs Just You And I and The Best Is Yet To Come. The emotional Lifeline, about a friend who passed away resonates deeply with an audience who celebrate Walker’s friend by singing along.

After a short break, Tom returns to the stage. The encore starts with a another song about his wife jokes Tom, Better Half Of Me. The evening is brought to a close with his hit, Leave A Light On which. once again has the whole venue singing along.
I can safely say that Tom Walker is a musical juggernaut that sweeps you along. Judging from the smiles all round I think everyone enjoyed the show.

Words and Photos by Mark Stimpson

Set List
Holy Ghost
Wait for you
Head Underwater
I am
Just you and I
Fly Away With Me
The Best Is Yet to Come
Cry out
Not giving in
Better Half of Me
Leave a light on


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