One of Manchester’s finest, The Slow Readers Club rolled into town today as part of their limited 9 date tour (a further 9 dates have recently been announced for the spring). The Slow Readers Club haven’t released a new album since The Joy Of The Return and 91 Days In Isolation in 2020 so the tour seems like an excuse to get out and play live. Not that anyone was complaining, there’s always a really good turn out to greet the guys whenever they come to town. The rain was pouring down as I arrived late to the venue. I completely missed the support act, Klangstof which was a huge disappointment as I really like their new album Godspeed to the Freaks. I’m gutted to have missed them perform live.

The audience were however pretty fired up with shouts of Readers, Readers as they waited for the band to appear. I was greeted by a wall of t shirt wearing fans eagerly pressed up against the barrier as I made my way into the pit. I barely had time to think before the intro music started and the four guys walked on stage, one by one.

There’s no messing about and we’re straight into the opening number Yet Again which has the audience singing along. There’s barely time for a breath before Start Again which has a group at the front bouncing along in time. We’re off to a flying start. Aaron holding the mic aloft encouraging everyone to sing along. His arms held out to the side and moving like the arms of a clock as he sings “Time will come to take it’s toll”. The evening progresses along at a cracking pace. There’s a nice mix of old and new songs including the 2021 single Tell No Lies.

I’m really impressed by the way Aaron engages with the audience and gets them to participate. The audience dutifully obliging when ask by him to Jump during On The TV.

There’s a brief pause before the encore, they play four songs beginning with an acoustic laid back version of Block Out The Sun to slow things down. We’re back to full speed for the remaining songs.  The evening ends with Lunatic which has the entire room singing along.

I really enjoyed tonight’s show. The Slow Readers Club are a well-oiled machine, a joy to watch. The highlights of the evening for me are On The TV, Feet on Fire, I Saw a Ghost and Lunatic. I was a tad disappointed that they didn’t play Sirens but hey ho you can’t have everything.


Yet Again

Start Again

Something Missing

The Greatest Escape

Forever In Your Debt

Plant The Seed

Feet On Fire

Everything I Own

Zero Hour

No Surprise

Tell No Lies

You Opened Up My Heart

On The TV

I Saw A Ghost


Block Out The Sun

Wanted Much More

The Wait


Words and Photos by Mark Stimpson 


Philip Goddard

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