The Killers, Carrow Road, Norwich 9th June 2022

Words by Mark Stimpson

After a two-year postponement, The Killers finally rolled into Norwich as part of their Imploding the mirage tour. The tour is named of their 2020 album release but since then they have released
Pressure Machine. Eager fans had been queuing since mid-morning to ensure a spot at the front.

Blossoms at Neighbourhood Weekender

First up were Blossoms. The performed an hour long set of old and new material. By the end the audience was dancing along. Now I really like Blossoms, but I felt their performance while a solid one was a bit lack lustre. They didn’t dominate the stage. They did appear to be restricted to a small area on stage which may have impacted them.

Photo by Rob Loud

The atmosphere was electric at Carrow Road as The Killers take to the stage. Brandon Flowers dressed in a black velvet suit embossed with a huge, large white is greeted with huge cheers as he
comes on stage. They launch straight into My Own Soul’s Warning accompanied by confetti canons.
It sets the tone of the evening. At the end Flowers announces ‘This is a super spreader event!, we’re spreading love and rock and roll!’ much to the delight of the audience.

Photo by Rob Loud

Crowd pleasers, When You Were Young and smash-hit Human, complete with mosaic videos of dancers, had the audience singing along loudly to ‘He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus’ and then ‘Are we human, or are we dancer?’.
There was nod to Norwich City Football Club and Delia Smith by Flowers who announced “let’s be havin’ you” much to the amusement of the audience.
It’s become a tradition to invite local drummers to play on stage. A young girl, Grace was picked to play on For Reasons Unknown which just happens to be my favourite Killers song. As she walked the
stage, I could hear a mutter of “I hope she can play”. They need not have worried, she smashed it.

Photo by Rob Loud

Runaway Horses, their country song slowed the tempo down allowing everyone to catch their
breath. The set ends with All These Things That I’ve Done. The video backdrop is just mesmerising to watch.
Again, confetti canons shower the audience with confetti and streamers.
There was a short break before they came back on stage for their encore. Spaceman kicked it off and then the song everyone had been waiting for all night, Mr Brightside complete with laser show gave the audience one last dance and to sing at the top of their voice. It rounded off a perfect night.
The final word was given over to the band’s drummer, Ronnie Vannucci Jr, throwing his drum sticks into the audience. Alone on stage, he said ‘Thank you for this,’ pushing over the mic stand and walked off.

Photo by Rob Loud

It’s great to see really big bands in Norwich. It’s probably the most exciting thing to happen at Carrow Road all season. They certainly bought the glamour and flamboyance of Las Vegas to Norfolk.

Set List
My Own Soul’s Warning
When You Were YoungJenny Was a Friend of Mine
Smile Like You Mean It
Shot at the Night
Running Towards a Place
Somebody Told Me
Fire in Bone
Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)
Runaway Horses
For Reasons Unknown
A Dustland Fairy tale
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger cover)
Read My Mind
Dying Breed
All These Things That I’ve Done
Mr. Brightside


Philip Goddard

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