Status Quo at The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

All in, out out quoing was amazing! Lighting, sound, performance, the lot!

The energy from all of the band was absolute perfection to see at such a later time in their career, they’ve definitely not lost their buzz.

Having everyone up on their feet from the first song to the very last shows how well Status Quo still to this day perform!

Rossi is not challenged in a single way with his outstanding vocals and stage presence along with the other members of the band putting on an amazing show!

It’s great to see some younger faces too at a gig generally targeted at the 40+ market. What a great feeling it is to see they the work of Status Quo is travelling through generations, as it rightly should!

Not a single mess up on a single song! Status Quo are still performing at a 10/10!

What a show!

Matt Jones


Philip Goddard

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