Pale Waves Manchester Academy 27th September 2019

Manchesters very own gothic indie band Pale Waves played their final gig of their current U.K tour on Friday night with support from Sports Team who’s enthusiasm definitely warmed the crowd up. The singer Alex threw some seriously manic moves, posing for the crowd as they played hit songs including Margate, Kutcher and Here It Comes Again.

As Pale Waves hit the stage I can honestly say I’ve never heard such a cocophany from the fans at this sold out academy show. I’ve also never seen so many mobile phones pointing at the stage throughout the gig, just take a pic, maybe film your favourite track but not the whole thing, enjoy the atmosphere instead. They started their set with Eighteen, Kiss and Red from their 2018 album My Mind Makes Noises and singer Heather has definitely got the stage presence of a future superstar already. Amongst the fans it was evident that her style has influenced many and I’m sure some of them often get mistaken for her.

As well as playing all the well known songs they also played a new unreleased track Tomorrow which sounded great as I could actually hear it as the crowd weren’t as familiar with this one. The slower songs Drive and When Did I Lose It All? were emotional and with titles like Black and Karl( I Wonder What It’s Like To Die) it’s easy to see why they are popular with the younger generation. I hope their songs mature along with the band as I can see a big future for them.



Philip Goddard

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