Nova Twins, Norwich Waterfront Studio, 5th February 2022

Words and Photos by Mark Stimpson

Tonight’s sold out Nova Twins gig must be one of the most eagerly awaited shows in a long time. Previous shows having been postponed due to the pandemic. Their debut album Who Are The Girls was released to critical acclaim just before lockdown, so the supporting tour was put on hold until now.
The show kicked off with the support act Kid Bookie.

It’s a new one for me as I’ve not come across them before. They deliver a mix of metal, punk and hardcore with a bit of rap.

Their set is stopped unexpectedly after the first song when someone drops
their drink on stage. I was expecting things to kick off, but frontman Corey Taylor makes light of it and after some swift mopping up they continue. Their cover of Radiohead’s Creep is unexpected but goes down well with the audience.

It was an enjoyable set but Corey’s constant calls to make some fucking noise became a little annoying. I’d like to see them again on a bigger stage. The studio stage isn’t the biggest, they looked uncomfortable having been shoehorned into a tiny space with not much room to move about.

So, after a short break Nova Twins open with Antagonist. It’s load, heavy with
plenty of attitude, the energy levels are immediately thought the roof. The bar has most certainly been set for what is to come. I’m immediately mesmerised by Amy Love’s voice and guitar when she lets rip. At the same time Georgia South is like a mini hurricane, her bass thunderous as she bounces around the stage. It’s exhausting just to watch.

There’s no let up for Play Fair and Vortex.
By now the audience are well and truly warmed up and very lively. I don’t want to end up in the mosh pit so it’s time to move to the back. It’s the long way round for me as I don’t fancy my chances fighting though the audience. Consequently, I only catch the end of Devil’s Face. Amy gives a heartfelt plea to the audience to take note of the multiple zero tolerance posters around the walls before launching into Bullet which allows the audience to sing along, which the do enthusiastically.

The rap leaden new single K.M.B. (Kill My Boyfriend) is heavy, bassy but not so rocky. They seem to fly through the remaining set Wave, Athena, Cleopatra and Undertaker before the encore treats to Bassline Bitch and Taxi. It feels like a very sort set as I’m outside in the windy night before 9:30pm.

It was a fantastic, load, high energy show. Nova Twins are on the rise and are destined for great things. Catch them while you still can.
Their debut album was a triumph, their follow up Supernova is out on the 17th June and promises to be even better.


Philip Goddard

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