Mused ( A tribute to Muse) Rebellion, Manchester November 8th 2019 + Interview

Mused ( A tribute to Muse)
Rebellion, Manchester
November 8th 2019

I love this venue and I love this band although I must admit the lighting did me no favours tonight, sorry Chris. Having seen the guys play many times now I can honestly say they just get better every time and to see them back at Rebellion (my second home) was a real treat. The atmosphere was electric tonight as they arrived on stage before an ample crowd of both Muse and Mused fans.

Playing tracks from back in the early days of Showbiz right through to this years Simulation Theory, they gave the crowd a pretty amazing set to sing along to. The new songs sounded really well rehearsed and The Dark Side was awesome but for me the stand out song was of the night was the classic Time Is Running Out which I couldn’t help belting out as loud as possible and the rest of the crowd were definitely enjoying it too. Despite not having all the bells and whistles of a real Muse show (impossible) Carl, donning his red trousers and futuristic LCD eye wear, provides a cracking likeness to Matt Bellamy with fantastic guitar playing and he nails the vocals every time, which is a feat in itself. Stu replicates bassist Chris Wolstenholmes cool persona and skillful playing throughout the show, providing backing vocals too. Chris is fantastic as Dom Howard on drums, although I think he up stages him every time with his personality, always smiling and geeing the crowd up. The only disappointing thing about tonight was that I now have to wait some time to see them again. Outstanding show tonight guys!!!
Tonight’s set list was as follows:
The Handler
Super Massive Black Hole
The Dark Side
Muscle Museum
Feeling good
Thought Contagion
Time Is Running Out
Plug In Baby
Knights Of Cydonia
Stockholm Syndrome

Interview with MUSED
November 2019

WSM: How did you guys meet and were you all fans of muse before?

MUSED: Chris was the originator of the band, and our first singer left so we auditioned for a new one, and Carl came along! He looked just like Matt Bellamy so knew he was going to be good! Also our original bass player left, and Carl was mates with Stu, so he came along to a rehearsal and just fitted in perfectly! And yes we were all big Muse fans at the time, the 3 of us have been together for 5 years now (i think) and we all get on so well, and enjoy performing together it works perfectly, it important to get on when you spend so much time together!

WSM: I first saw you play at Festwich 2016, do you think festivals provide better exposure for the band rather than gigs?

MUSED: Yes I do think Festivals offer good exposure, as you do perform to bigger audiences and to people that may have not even thought about coming to see you at a normal gig…

WSM: Have any of you ever had an embarrassing mishap on stage?

MUSED: Ha yes Stu!! our bassist has a big part to play and at one (Festival I think it was) he was to hit a big key part and in the moment of his enthusiasm completely missed the strings! Doh!

WSM: Do any of you have any other musical projects besides MUSED?

MUSED: Stu & Carl also are in a wedding function band, Chris is just in MUSED.

WSM:Are hometown gigs more special?

MUSED: Yes Hometown gigs are very special, there’s just something about being in your home town performing in a band you are proud of and its great to show off to your mates!!

WSM: What are your favourite Muse tracks to perform?

MUSED: Oooh fave tracks,, thats difficult as there are so many good tracks… hmm Time is Running out & Plug in Baby are always great ones to play as the crowd always get a good bounce on!

WSM: Is there a standout Muse album for you?

MUSED: Standout album, well Chris’s fave is Showbiz, Absolution is one of our Faves too..

WSM: Absolution is the first one I bought but all my favourite tracks are from Showbiz!
What other bands do you like to listen to?

MUSED:Besides MUSE we all listen to different stuff really, Carl like Bruce Springsteen!! Stu has a real varied taste, Chris prefers alternative rock, and old punky stuff currently listening to Billy Talent 🙂

WSM: Thank you guys!

MUSED are:
Chris, drums
Carl, vocals, guitar
Stu, bass, backing vocals



Philip Goddard

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