Monster Truck with support from Those Damn Crows, 5th October at O2 Ritz, Manchester

After a short hiatus, I’m back on it and back with a bang with 2 full on rock bands down at Manchester O2 Ritz. Despite challenging traffic and weather on the journey down, I get there in time for THOSE DAMN CROWS. I’ve not seen these guys for a while so was looking forward to their energetic set.

The lights dimmed before the anticipated crowd were met with sounds of crows from the stage… Quite cool opener I thought. Then onto the stage most of the band appeared followed closely by frontman Shane and they burst into opener “Who did it” I always like this one live as the crowd really get into the chorus, belting it out nice n loud! Shane’s running around right from the off, he’s got some energy!! He is up on the step at the front of the stage a lot and the crowd are loving it.

The guys smash out more tracks “Long time dead” and “Don’t give a damn” Shane’s really warming the place up as he jumps down from stage to join the crowd on the barrier. I had to jump out of his way couple of times! He then disappeared stage right and I can see the security looking worried and calling to guys upstairs. Here he goes, running up to the balcony and climbing onto the barrier to sing the rest of the track, which showed he sure didn’t give a damn!! Brilliant.

He returned back to the stage and resumed the setlist with “Send the Reaper” “Wake up” & “Blink of an eye” he announced that he’s not allowed up on the balcony again, to which there were loud “boo’s” from the crowd. They didn’t care as the band were giving it their all, with Lloyd bouncing around, swapping sides with the other guitarists Ian and David, they’re really hard to track with my camera!! Rattling through “Sun on skin” and “Go get it” the guys announce to the crowd their last track which they want to hear nice n loud “Rock n roll ain’t dead” and if anyone proved that these guys did!! Great set!

9:15 on the dot and the awesome hard rockers from Canada – Monster Truck roll onto the stage to a huge cheer from the crowd. I last saw them at Download, and was buzzing for their headline show!

Opening with a couple of heavy ones ‘The Lion’ & ‘Old Train’ which get the crowd lifted right from the start. They blast out ‘She’s a Witch’ and ‘Denim Danger’ from their 2016 & 2018 albums respectively. Both saw the crowd joining in with these favourites. In between songs Jon spoke to the crowd and told them Manchester is their favourite city to play.

They announce a new track from their latest album “Warriors” – ‘Golden Woman’ then a couple of tracks from their 2016 album “Sittin Heavy” next with ‘The Enforcer’ and ‘Black Forest’. The crowd were bouncing, and so was Jeremy, I don’t think he kept still for longer than 10 seconds at a time! Loads of energy from him and not to forget Steve smashing the drums at the back and keyboardist Brandon Mr chilled smiles loads! The ever cool singer/bassist Jon gave it full on beans with his huge vocals and headbanging bass bashing.



The guys slow the pace and announce a slower one next ‘Black Forest’, I love the slow grunge style of this band, they have the mix of both heavy and slow spot on. Next some more from their new album – ‘Fuzz Mountain’, getting the pace up again, then ‘Live Free’ and ‘Country Livin’ with some cool country vibes in this. The crowd sounded like they love the new stuff.

Slower vibes again with ‘For the Sun’ Bluesy number followed by ‘Seven Seas Blues’ then a faster rockier ‘Get my things & go’ , ‘New Soul’ then the title track from the new album “WARRIORS”

The last song (which isn’t really their last one) is announced “Sweet Mountain River”


Huge chants of “We want more” saw the guys return to the stage and the encore rounds off the night with “Why are You not rocking” and my personal favourite “Don’t tell me how to live”

What an awesome performance from these guys again who never disappoint.

All in all a great night of Rock n Roll.

Photos and Words by Ange Cobham


Philip Goddard

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