Low Orbit. Night And Day Cafe, Manchester. 17th January 2020

Friday was my first outing to this venue, a cosy little bar in The Northern Quarter with a few tables to sit around and the stage area at the back of the room. A few bands were playing on that night but I particularly came to see Low Orbit, after watching them supporting Virginmarys in December they have become a regular fixture on my playlist. The stage here is quite small, and as a five piece rock band there wasn’t a great deal of room to perform like I know they can, but nevertheless they totally rocked it out. The band (Sam, Gareth, Will and Matty) were on top form from start to finish and Martins vocals were outstanding.

There are some pretty awesome riffs in tracks Unbound (Rise Up) and Real and catchy tunes like Down To The Wire, What’s Inside and the tongue in cheek lyrics of Styx And Stoned would suggest this band has been somewhat influenced by The Foo Fighters, but just in case that had passed you by they ended the set with a cover of The Foos Monkey Wrench, which was just fantastic. Sandwiched in between all these tracks that I am quite familiar with by now, they treated us to their first live performance of their new song Owe It All and it’s a beauty. Give their latest E.P Third Time Lucky a listen, it’s proper rock, and if you fancy catching them at a live show soon then February 29th in Manchester for Below The Bridge…. You won’t regret it!!!!!


Philip Goddard

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