Lets Rock Leeds 2023

Let’s Rock Leeds took place on Saturday, featuring a mix of retro music acts.
Tony Hadley and Blancmange opened the festival, despite some initial controversy over the choice of opening act. However, Hadley delivered a quality headline performance, playing all the hits.
The afternoon line-up included Livin’ Joy, Roland Gift, Hue & Cry, Heatwave, Doctor & the Medics, Neal X, which all delivered sterling performances off classic hits which got the crowd jumping dancing and singing along.
After antics and mixes by Pat Sharp who was joined on stage by Nathan Moore (Brother Beyond) and a somewhat mischievous Chris Moyles entertained the crowd with cheeky antics this filled a goa until The Farm, took to the stage they where a crowd pleaser they eventually closed with their indie anthem “All Together Now.” 
The Real Thing gave s some funk and soul in a warmly received set.
Midge Ure on the other hand was in a league of his own so many classics to many to appreciate in a short time of his own songs and covers. 
OMD what can I say absolutely legendary definitely a headline act but the vibe and atmosphere was truly electric it was hard to focus on what I was there to do as being a somewhat big fan detracted a little with Andy McCluskey’s energetic performance winning over the audience and messing with the fans getting them involved lined up a wonderful set for Soft Cell to close the festival with a mix of familiar hits and tracks from their new album. Overall, it was a enjoyable day out for festival-goers.
Photos and Words by Phil Marsden

Philip Goddard

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