Killing Joke heading out on tour soon

Killing Joke are soon to head out on their first UK tour, ‘Honour The Fire’, for over 3 years. Often lauded as one of the best live acts around every show is sure to deliver an uncompromising mix of brooding, dark power encompassing relentless punk, rock and goth over powerful undertones of often punishing funk laden beats. Always haunting, visual and intense a Killing Joke show – “a gathering” in the words of singer Jaz Coleman – comprises not only of a hypnotising sonic experience but a mesmorising visual spectacle aswell that will draw you in from it’s opening notes. Menacing, intimidating and delving into subjects too far removed from the average music fan’s thought patterns. Heavy yet always with a beat you can move to Killing Joke’s back catalogue consistently sounds enormous. And whilst there have been a few Killing Joke line-ups over the years the original four – Jaz Coleman, Big Paul Ferguson, Youth and Geordie Walker – reunited since 2008, simply crystallize into a force few other bands can even hope to match. With an extensive back catalogue to draw from Killing Joke also have a new 4 track EP, ‘Lord Of Chaos’ released on March 25th to coincide with this ‘Honour The Fire’ tour. Featuring two brand new tracks and two remixes from 2015 album ‘Pylon’.

In the words of Jaz Coleman, “The fire is that which brings us all together. After this dreadful pandemic this tour will be like no other. One great mosh pit!”



Philip Goddard

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