HRH Sleaze, Sheffield 2022

Sheffield was the trip for the day to attend the brilliant HRH Sleaze festival. I was in for a treat as a couple of the bands on the bill were ones I’ve wanted to see for a while. Unfortunately I could not get there for the early band, but caught the last few songs from ‘Bai’ Bang’. From what I saw, this lively Glam metal band from Sweden were brilliant on the main stage and pulled an early fan crowd in! I’ll look out for these again for sure.
I was getting ready for the next band who were first on my to see list – ‘Gypsy Pistoleros’ . Now this is a band I played on my radio show, and singer Lee sent their songs over to me. I really liked their music, so I was not missing these. They were all dressed up, and with painted faces, looking fabulous and very suited to their great show of flamenco rock. You must check these out!!
My next band I had to see was ‘Kickin Valentina’ all the way from Atlanta, these guys know how to rock hard. Singer DK Ravelle ran around that stage, and jumped on the barrier a few times, these guys are amazing. Really good heavy rock! They have a feel of Buckcherry for me. Surely no one can top these 2!! Next up ‘Crazy Lixx’ donned in their spandex and big white retro sport socks this was like being in a Bill and Ted movie! Just awesome these guys are, and filled their set with brilliant 80’s style rock. Back to Sweden they went the day after the gig, I’ll be catching them again when they’re next here for sure! I ran upstairs to second stage when I could, and glad I did for this young band ‘Bad Actress’ they must be average age of 20! They look brilliant in their rock n roll outfits and are very lively. They put on an awesome rock n roll set for their large crowd gathered. Considering they were up against Crazy Lixx on main stage they sure pulled in a big audience! Great set, I predict these boys will go far.
Also rocking the 2nd stage and new to me were ‘Wild Thorn’ who also grabbed a big crowd this 4-piece from Newcastle put on a fantastic lively set. Jumping up to the barrier Ash knew how to work that crowd! I’ll be looking out for these again.
The crowd at main stage were really loud and gave a huge welcome for Hardcore Superstar. Another singer  to jump on the barrier, Jocke stood up on top of it during the set, with the help of a few fans. Of course there I was with my camera too close as usual and nearly got wiped out by him and security when he decided to get back on stage! Phew. What a set from these guys. You certainly can’t kill their rock n roll!
Main act of the day was the ever flamboyant Michael Monroe! On he struts to the crowd delight, with his red and black sequinned 2 piece. Well this guy did not keep still, he was rocking all over the place. What a fantastic showman. Another one to climb the front barrier and where Ange was too close again, having to duck when he jumped back to stage!! We were even treated to the splits from this energetic frontman inbetween sitting on speakers and the bass drum! Just wow, well worthy of headliners. I felt worn out!
I can’t recommend this event enough, the staff, and organisation are brilliant, I’m going to be there for 2023, which I have to add, is another amazing line up!

Hope you enjoy my photos below 😁

Photos and Words by Ange Cobham

Philip Goddard

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