Eagles of Death Metal and Bones at the Manchester Ritz

Bright red trousers and uk flag shoes stormed by, as eodm greeted up n down the line outside before heading inside, in the moments to come before the show.

Balcony n floor already thick with excited fans, Bones UK ease the groove into the Sunday night air with effortless bluesy expression answering to cheers and applause.


Amping up with guitar squeals n thumping rhythm the trio burst into their next track. Clean vocals ring out over power shots of sound then caress the quieter segments never dipping from the momentum behind it.


Tones of influence from Blues and Classic Rock n Roll particularly shine through in their slower track ‘Black Blood‘, vocal n guitar arrangements echoing the styles of a ballad, with several lighters lifted in appreciation of a more seemingly heartfelt moment.


Celebrating imperfection in a heavier offering with Filthy Freaks there’s not much that’s imperfect about their technique and the rapture they have over the people gathered tonight, across all ages. Lathered with guitar licks in just the right places the undeniable stage precence has the pair up and down off their knees, intertwined above and below, really showing they’re enjoying what they do.


Eagles of Death Metal

With 2 more nights left to rock the stage in the UK before jetting to other heights in the new year, the crowd is buzzing for these seasoned professionals and accomplished rockers, as things get a little more compact in the venue. (full covid precautions taken for entry) ‘We are family‘ rings out loud to introduce EODM to the stage amidst screams cheers and whistles. Red jumpsuits and complimentary black and red stylings, the group strut onstage jamming to the intro, clearly ready to party. Well into their first track now, the cheers keep coming. Hands are in the air, excited bopping of heads n bods throughout to the classic rock vibes, whipping up the appreciation like a thick cream topping, busting into Don’t Speak (I Came To Make A Bang).
Anything But The Truth has the crowd singing along, notably a favourite, but overall foot stompin’, shoe tappin’ beats are what tonight is all about.
Taking a brief moment between songs to speak to the fans, Jesse Hughes addresses the crowd
“This town that we’re in right now has been the most alive! Kickass! – ( crowd drowns out being able to hear the speech ) – I love you motherfuckers!”

Eagles Of Death Metal – Photo by Melanie Smith

As if this manchester gathering wasn’t revved up enough already, there is certainly no doubt about it now, as they throw back the mutual appreciation in bucketloads, barely anyone not shakin’ their derriere.
Announcing it’s Little Richards birthday, the love and celebration for rock n roll and the unbelievable roar of the crowd is almost deafening. You’d believe you were in a far bigger venue from a decibel count, showing there are long time true fans out there tonight – and this band are clearly all about that too.
Busting out Heart On there is a constant high flying vibe. Singing happy birthday to the 15 year old in the crowd encouraged by the band, that one will be going in their memory box for sure.
Every track resonates a trance-like effect front to back, there are no half measures here. Dedicating Cherry Cola to the ladies, it’s feeling like an endless Christmas party where the tinsel is on the insides fed thru the eardrums.
Flames Go Higher has a deeper soulful element, powered by the rhythm sections, bringing rock n rolls more Southern vibes to the North.
The crowd repeatedly chants Jesse’s name through the night, and the love you motherfuckers are flying out left right and centre, for what can possibly be said to be one of the best shows on offer for what for some has felt like a lifetime away from living.


Philip Goddard

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