Dido Manchester 02 Apollo December 3rd 2019

After not hearing much from Dido for around 6 years she is back with her marvellous new album Still On My Mind and a massive world tour which I am so glad I got to attend in Manchester last night because she was just superb.

At 47 years old she looks just as beautiful and youthful as she did 20 years ago when she first released her hit album No Angel. Wearing jeans, sneakers and a glam shirt (which I am totally jealous of) she breezed onto the stage after the bands intro and went straight into new song Hurricanes which is one of my favourites from the album. Her voice was impeccable, heard even above the loud production
from the band, and the crowd showed their appreciation throughout the show, especially when she sang the hits, with wolf whistles and one very loud annoying person hollering like a pained hyena during all the high notes.

Dido was in good humour though, still down to earth despite being a global superstar, she mentioned that she couldn’t whistle like them and would be happy for someone to teach her to which half the crowd whistled back at her. ‘I bet you can’t burp the smurf song though’ she replied…. Maybe a future hidden track on her next album???

Now most people think of Dido as just a singer of quiet, depressing love songs but she has done some amazing dance tracks too and the all seated venue got to their feet during songs Sand In My Shoes, My Boy and the final song before the encore Take My Hand with some awesome dad dancing going on in the aisles. When she returned to the stage she sang a beautiful song which she had written about her 8 year old son, the reason why we haven’t heard from her for so long as she wanted to spend as much quality time with him as possible.

She ended the set with her massive hit White Flag from her 2003 album Life For Rent and everyone went home happy. Dido really does have the most beautiful singing voice, live as well as in the studio, and she was so chatty during the show with anecdotes to many of her songs which showed her sense of humour, it was a real pleasure to finally get to see her.


Hell After This
Life For Rent
No Freedom
Grafton Street
Sand In My Shoes
Give You Up
Thank You
Sitting On The Roof Of The World
Quiet Times
Here With Me
See You When You’re 40
Mad Love
My Boy
Dont Leave Home
Take My Hand
Have To Stay
White Flag

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Philip Goddard

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