Beartooth – Hell Of It

Hell Of It (single review)
By Joanne Marsland

Hell Of It is the third single to be released from their forthcoming album, Below, which is due out on the 25th of June. Vocally, the previously released tracks from this album, Devastation and The Past Is Dead, were more akin to the Beartooth I know and love from their last albums, especially Disease, with an equal split of melody and growling making it brutally catchy. Hell of it, on the other hand, has a much heavier sound with Caleb full on growling the whole track, maybe just a hint of a slight backing melody in the chorus to be able to sing along to…. I said maybe. The guitar work is impeccable as always but the starring role of this particular track has to go to Connor on drums, his relentless energy packs a massive punch for just under three and a half minutes from intro to outro and delivers yet another quality addition to the bands famous headbanging breakdowns, Caleb thinks this particular one might just be his favourite. Lyrically it doesn’t do much for me…. ‘rip the flesh off my bones, make a feast of my carcass’…. Nah… and it will be interesting to see if it stands out on the rest of the album, I must say I prefer the other two tracks thus far.


Philip Goddard

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