ABC at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

I had no intention of staying for the full gig, plans were to get my pictures, take in a few songs from the legends and head home. I knew it was going to have ‘lexican of love’ played in its entirety, listen to the first half of the show then go.

Unfortunately for me, Lexican of Love was to be played in the second half. So I stayed. Martin Fry has such a distinctive voice and in the eighties, lots of legendary Pop albums were born, in my eyes lexican of love was one of them.

The 3 songs I really, really knew were When Smokey Sings, The Look of Love and Poison Arrow. 

I left after The Look of Love due to the fact i had just finished work and I was knackered. ABC got a long, well deserved standing ovation. Martin Fry is still the smoothest man on the planet and if I ever get the chance to see them for a full show, I definitely will.


Philip Goddard

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