A bit of Christmas with Il Divo

I popped down to Manchesters Bridgewater Hall to soak up a bit of Christmas Spirit with Il Divo, never really my kind of music but anyone live is my thing, especially with a bit of old fashioned Christmas Spirit 🎄 

I took a few pics then sat and listened to their classical music with a few beautiful Christmas tunes thrown in. I wasn’t there to review the show, just take a few pics and absorb the atmosphere.

It was an emotional night for Il Divo as they had lost Carlos Marin to Covid in Manchester almost a year ago. I was in tears when they later sang a tune with him and an empty stool with a red rose on it. 

Thanks to Urs, David and Sebastien I walked away humming Christmas tunes, with help from Steven LaBrie of course.

Enjoy the pics…..I was restricted tobside of stage so sorry about them all being samie




Philip Goddard

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