Firestorm Rock Festival 2022

I didn’t even know this festival existed till about 5 days before it happened. I saw it was in Manchester but when I looked closely it was near Marple……near me. Looking at the line up it would be safe to assume it had been going for years but this was a first. I had to go. I had heard of Moovin Festival but Firestorm was totally new.

The event takes place on a farm in the Etherow Country Park, it was difficult to find on the first day but really easy to get to after that. The shuttle bus took me up to the festival and I won’t lie, it was an amazing set up……There was quite a large tent and a purpose built Barnlike Stage, somebody has put a lot of thought into the Barn stage, from the green room behind the stage to the massive bar at the back. The bar had a massive choice of quality Ales, Lagers and Ciders……none of the piss you get sold at the big festivals.

I wasn’t there to review the music because I already knew from the line up that I was well covered there……..Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Ryders Creed, Quireboys ( debatable ), The Wayward Sons, Gorilla Riot, Mason Hill, Bad Touch and many, many more.

Everything about the place was relaxing. The campers were a little down the hill and also around the Tent stage area. Everywhere was tidy……Beer was £5 a pint which to be honest wasn’t too bad because it was a quality pint. I actually found a vendor that was selling cans of coke for £1!!!
I never tried the food but heard good things about that too, vendors all very friendly too……..I lie, I bought cake on the Saturday….very nice.

There were no clashes anywhere and there were some outstanding shows. The ones I remember well was Wayward Sons, Gorilla Riot, Ryders Creed and Mason Hill…..they were epic. Such a good band.

Sadly I got there too late for Bad Touch as I was working till 6pm and I wished I had camped there, surrounded by forest, ponds and very friendly people. Next year, which I’m really hoping there is, I will definitely stay over for the weekend.

This is a VERY good festival set in some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, I highly recommend, the music is good and a very relaxing weekend………this needs to be a permanent festival.



Philip Goddard

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