Beabadoobee at Norwich UEA

Maybe it was my Sugarbabes and Avril Lavigne loving younger self that it was appealing to but something inside of me felt wobbly in the presence of this ultra-cool rock chic with a satin green guitar. A fair weather fan; I was ignorant to the dedication of her stanbase until I stood shoulder to shoulder with them. The blue haired Lass next to me had been queuing up since 2pm, that’s dedication. I can see why Bea inspires this. The setlist is a long one packed with the highlights of her terrific back catalogue.

The third track she plays- ‘fairy song’, seemed to set the tone for the rest of the gig with its stoner slouch- “I know you’re sad ’cause someone died But I’m not gonna sit inside and do nothing”.

She ranges from the ethereal shining pop princess to a riot grrl warrior queen; completely losing the plot at one point on the stage floor. Writhing in a demented fashion that sends us all nuts. She confessed how personal her songs are and uses the word “awkward” at one point, but I think this is why she appeals to us gawkish teens. It’s clear that this is why people are so invested in her music. It seems her social media presence and personality attract people to the live shows.

Just to see this in real life. Those who only enjoy the big hits still wanted to come and have a chat with her. She is surprisingly happy to engage in onstage convos with those of us lucky enough to be in her listening range. The energetic set comes to a close with coffee and ripples, two of her big numbers that set the floor alive in a sea of twisted turning fascination.

Beabadoobee left us feeling blissed out with pure pop performance.
Happy to have experienced it. I would have queued from two too.

Words by Dan Scoggins 

Photos by Mark Stimpson 


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