We the North, Zeros, Stalybridge 21/8/21

We the North
Zeros, Stalybridge

Photos and Review by Joanne Marsland

Well this was a late one, most gigs are usually halfway through the encore by the time the guys rocked up on stage, but it was totally worth the lack of sleep and excessive drinking. We the North are a 3 piece, hard hitting rock band from the Manchester area which is reflected in many of their raw and straight to the point song lyrics as well as their name.

We the North

I’ve been a fan of their music for some time but this was the first time I have seen them play live and now I’m quite comfortably putting their style in the same box as my favourite band The Virginmarys. Singer and bassist Josh doesn’t hide his northern accent and puts everything into his performance, plenty of sweating and screaming, and along with Dannys catchy riffs and Ryan thrashing those drums the energy levels were off the chart. The crowd were buzzing, not only did we get to hear some favourites like SETTING FIRES and WITH A GUN TO MY HEAD but we also got a taste of some new stuff including the latest single WHERE IS YOUR GOD, which was released the previous day, and by God the drums and guitar riffs on this track will certainly make sure you are listening.

We the North

The lyrical content is right up my street, not entirely dismissing a God but more anti the religious preachers who try to push their unsubstantiated views and beliefs onto others, a bit like flat earthers. It’s a belter anyway so give it a listen if you haven’t already done so. The highlight of the night though had to be when BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY was flung at the band as a request. Josh obliged, obviously not in its entirity but he and the crowd were all in fine voice while it lasted.

We the North

I’m predicting bigger and better things to come for these guys and I’m looking forward to hearing more new songs and plenty more live gigs.


Philip Goddard

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