Tom Grennan brings a “little bit of Love” to Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena. Friday 17th March 2023

As fans excitedly filled the Sold-out Nottingham Motorpoint Arena for the arrival of the phenomenal singer-songwriter Tom Grennan and his UK tour What Ifs and Maybes, the atmosphere was ecstatic and buzzing in anticipation for his entrance onto the stage.

As the band began to play and the lights simultaneously flashed, it signaled Toms imminent arrival.  The crowd screamed as he appeared wearing a silk pair of trousers and an open shirt. As he began to belt out the lyrics to If only, a song from his 2021 album Evering Road, he shouted “make some noise, Nottingham!”, “Let’s get clapping”.

He moved around the stage as only Tom Grennan could do, energetically running from one side to the other and down the runway as the audience screamed, sang, and clapped along.  Before the end of the song the shirt was thrown to the floor, showing his well-defined torso and displaying his numerous tattoos, including one which simply read Evering Road.  As the stage lit up with fireworks, it was obvious Tom Grennan had arrived with a bang and Nottingham was in for a sensational evening.

He then followed by doing a medley from his debut album Lighting matches. He danced around the stage to his well-known tracks Sober, Royal Highness and barbed wire.

Tom then treated the crowd to some of his new music from his upcoming album What Ifs & Maybes which is due to be released in June 2023.   He shouted “Nottingham, this is a new song right now, I want to see everyone’s hands” as he confidently showcased his new, catchy and colorful tracks, which the audience loved.

“This is a lot of people!” exclaimed Tom.  “Ever since I’ve done this, I have always dreamt of being in big arenas like this, full of people like this, so thank you for making my dreams come true”.

Tom paused as the audience screamed with admiration.  His sincerity was evident as he stood in awe in front of 10,000 adoring fans.  It must have been an incredibly special and surreal moment for the artist. Acknowledging his achievements and the journey over the years until now.

As he sang another song from his new album, he got the crowd all swaying their arms in unison. It was visually an amazing sight, “I love you” shouted Tom as the song concluded.

As Tom energetically danced around the stage to some of his favourite tracks Don’t break my Heart and All these Nights, it was impossible not to be lifted by his infectious energy and zest for life. Not only a brilliant Singer, songwriter, but also an exceptional performer and entertainer,.  He engaged with the audience at every opportunity with his cheeky charm and infectious sense of humour.

The crowd screamed as Tom stated he had a new song out at the moment, called Here.

“You might see some pictures come up here”, he pointed at the back of the stage. All I want you to do is take away from those pictures that family is what’s important, friends are what’s important, you are most important”. “Believe in yourself because life can take you anywhere you want it to take you. If you know this song, then please sing”. 

The message was powerful, as was the performance.

The song united the crowd as they all sang together.  Tom then signaled and cannons covered the audience in ribbons. 

As he invited his backing singer Angel onto the stage to sing Let’s go home together (originally sang with Ella Henderson), their voices combined gave an extra dimension to this well-known hit. The audience sang along as torches swayed in the crowd.

He also invited his support act GRACEY onto the stage to perform his hit Not over yet (originally sang with KSI). They danced in sync as fire illuminated the stage, upping the tempo and getting everyone in the audience on their feet, dancing and singing that little bit louder.  The tempo continued with Lionheart, By your side and Remind me as the show came to a close.

As he left the stage the audience screamed for an encore.

He returned onto the stage with a message to not forget to be kind. “If your needing a little bit of a love right now or a cuddle, then I’m doing this for everyone, big hugs and big kisses as I love you so much”.  “This next song is called you are not alone, and I am dedicating it to a boy called Alan”.  He then began to sing You are not alone, which not only showcased Toms vocal range but also a softer, gentle side to the artist.

The audience anticipated the next song was the last of the evening.  “This song changed my life for sure”, he stated, “Are your ready to sing it all together?”

“Nottingham, I love you! I will be back!”

He then spotted some signs in the audience, one asked for a selfie, which he did, posing for the camera.  The other asked if they could sing Little bit of love with him. “Do we let her?”, the audience screamed, “I think we take that as a yes!”. “This is real” shouted Tom, “make some noise!”. 

Mollie Fay, a 17-year-old from Warsop then had the once in a lifetime opportunity of singing the last song of the evening with Tom Grennan on stage at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena, in front of 10,000 giddy fans. She gave an amazing performance as Tom clapped and encouraged her throughout the song.  As the song came to crescendo, cannons were set off covering the crowd in ribbons for the very last time.

“Make some noise for Mollie! Take a bow and make some noise for yourselves Nottingham”.

“Be safe and be happy! Shouted Tom as he exited the stage.

The perfect message from Tom to end the perfect evening.


1.If Only

2.Sober/Royal Highness/Barbed wire

3.Psychedelic Kisses

4. How does it feel

5.This is the place


7.Crown your love

8. Don’t break my heart

9.Head up.

10. All these nights


12.Lets go home together

13.Found what I’ve been looking for

14.Not over yet

15.All goes wrong


17.By your side

18.Remind me


19.You are not alone

20.Little bit of love

Words by Lisa Kaye

Photos by Paul Dixon


Philip Goddard

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