Thea Brooks…Give Me Power launch at Jimmys Manchester. Sunday 10th March 2019.

Talented, young Manchester based Thea launched her new single Give Me Power on Sunday and we were lucky enough to witness the occasion. I first heard the song on Spotify and it caught my attention immediately. Theas stunning country rock voice contrasts perfectly with the bands indie music which somewhat reminds me of some of James’ slower songs, especially as it gets quieter towards the end, you can almost visualise Tim Booth dancing and shaking his tambourine.
Theas set began at 10pm and the place was almost packed, which astonished her as she commented on only selling 35 tickets by that morning. The three acts on before her may have drawn the upstairs crowd to venture down also, we missed the first two but the audience seemed to be having a good night already.
Thea began her set along with the band, who were awesome by the way, and she breezed through each song with perfection, such a beautiful voice, which is showcased even more as she sings two songs on her own with her acoustic guitar. You could hear a pin drop as everyone absorbed her music and lyrics, no one even sniffed she jokes, and then everyone sniffed in unison. She mentions that it will be her 21st birthday at midnight( you couldn’t miss the huge balloon stageside) and the crowd have made it one to remember, the response was a phenomenal rendition of happy birthday sang back to her.

I wish Thea the best of luck with the single and I am sure we will hear a lot more from her in the future. I had the pleasure of a quick chat with her before the set and she is a truly lovely person. Give Me Power…. Give it a listen !!!


Philip Goddard

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