The Wonder Years at Manchester Ritz

On Friday night, The Wonder Years took their fans on a journey back in time at the o2 Ritz in Manchester to perform their critically acclaimed album “The Greatest Generation” in its entirety. The sold-out show was a testament to the enduring impact of this seminal release, and The Wonder Years did not disappoint in delivering a night filled with nostalgia, emotion and unbridled energy.

Opening the night were Kississppi, a band whose dreamy indie-pop sound served as a perfect prelude to the emotional rollercoaster that was to follow.

Fronted by the enchanting Zoe Reynolds, Kississippi delivered a captivating set that seamlessly blended ethereal melodies with heartfelt lyrics. The crowd swayed to the band’s dynamic sound and at one point Zoe encouraged everyone to dance along with their song “We’re So In Tune.” Reynolds’ vocals were beautiful, and the band’s ability to create an intimate connection with the audience set the stage for the emotional journey that awaited.

Following Kississppi, Origami Angel took the stage and injected a burst of energy into the crowd with their infectious and upbeat mathy pop-punk tunes. The duo, comprised of Ryland Heagy and Pat Doherty, demonstrated remarkable passion for their craft. The set was a whirlwind of catchy hooks, intricate guitar work, and heartfelt lyrics showcasing the band’s ability to seamlessly blend technical prowess with raw emotion.

It’s difficult to fathom that just two people could produce such a distinct and original sound. Their energy was a perfect segue into the emotional intensity that The Wonder Years were about to unleash. The crowd responded enthusiastically and, in my opinion, they were a perfect support for the night.

From the moment the opening chords of “There, There” reverberated through the venue, the crowd was transported back to the summer of 2013 when “The Greatest Generation” first made its mark on the alternative music scene. The Wonder Years, known for their emotional lyricism and energetic performances, did not disappoint. The band’s frontman, Dan “Soupy” Campbell commanded the stage with a magnetic presence, his raw and emotive vocals perfectly capturing the heart and soul of the album. As the setlist progressed through fan favourites like “Passing Through a Screen Door” and “Dismantling Summer,” the audience was engulfed in a shared experience, singing along to every word and reliving the emotional highs and lows of the album.

The album, which explores themes of self-discovery, loss and resilience, resonated deeply with the fans who had grown up with The Wonder Years. Each song was a poignant reminder of the album’s impact, and the crowd sang along with an intensity that echoed the emotions embedded in the lyrics. “Soupy”, engaged with the audience between songs, sharing anecdotes and reflections of the significance of “The Greatest Generation” in the band’s journey. As the final notes of “I Just Want to Sell Out My Funeral” echoed through the Ritz, there was a collective sense of gratitude and nostalgia that lingered in the air.

In conclusion, The Wonder Years performance of “The Greatest Generation” at the o2 Ritz was a triumph. It was more than a concert; it was a communal celebration of growth, resilience and the enduring power of music and an album that has left a mark on the hearts of so many. Kississippi and Origami Angel set the stage brilliantly, contributing to such a high-energy and emotional evening. The sold–out show was a testament to the timeless impact of “The Greatest Generation ” and The Wonder Years’ ability to create such a strong emotional connection that resonates with fans old and new alike.

Words and Photos by Ellie Dawson 


Philip Goddard

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