The Virginmarys Club Academy, Manchester November 24th 2018

Review by Joanne Marsland

Photos by Philip Goddard

The Virginmarys played to a packed out club academy on Saturday with support from Rook and the Ravens who are familiar to touring with the band and Yorkshires Hands off Gretel who put on a fantastic show. Singer, Lauren has a real superstar stage presence with strong punk vocals, they really got the crowd going with their alternative,grunge rock sound, even covering The Stooges Be My Dog.

The already hyped up crowd went wild as the main act appeared on stage. The alternative rock duo from Macclesfield ( as rock as The Foo Fighters and as indie as The Arctic Monkeys, which to me is a perfect combination ) are in their 10th year and the latest album Northern Sun Sessions has really had an impact,released just 8 days earlier the fans were already singing along.
They open the show with For The Two Of Us, highlighting Allys awesome songwriting as well as his vocals. Just A Ride then takes the crowd back to 2013, from their debut album King Of Conflict. Dannys drumming enthusiasm is infectious, spinning the cymbals and standing up to crash back down on the drums,he keeps the momentum up for the whole show.

Other new songs played tonight were Eye For An Eye, Get Me Back Home, Blind Lead The Blind, Step Up and S.O.S.4.U.N.I ( which I could tell is a crowd favourite ).
Also played were Sweet Loretta, which was from last year’s E.P Sitting Ducks, Portrait Of Red, Running For My Life,Lost Weekend and Dead Man’s Shoes all from the album King Of Conflict.

For You My Love and Into Dust from 2016 album Divides sounded awesome but Motherless Land sent the crowd into a frenzy, singing their hearts out full pelt. The set ended with the deep and meaningful new song Look Out For My Brother and All Fall Down which starts slow but reaches rock raucous crescendo heights before the band leave the stage.

The crowd weren’t going anywhere, chanting one more song, although I think they meant sing all night because we’re having a blast and don’t want it to end. The guys came back on with the new albums beautiful title track Northern Sun and ended the night with Bang Bang Bang from album number one. Before leaving the stage they had pictures taken with the adoring crowd behind them and it was plain to see that these guys know how much their fans mean to them and that is why they give blood, sweat and a hell of a performance from start to finish. Absolutely my favourite gig of the year, not bad as it’s the end of November, and I believe that next year will be massive for them and their new album will take them many steps up the ladder of superstardom.


Philip Goddard

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