The Swagger Loaded Gun (single) review

The Swagger
Loaded Gun (single) review
By Joanne Marsland

Before I get to the part where I tell you how fantastic this track is, here’s a little back story to The Swagger. This London based alternative rock band originated in 2011 and is comprised of Lee, Paul, Will and Gaet. Having checked out quite a few of their back catalogue it’s obvious they have been greatly influenced by the sound of the swinging 60’s and 90’s brit pop eras. I can hear the rawness of The Kinks and The Who melding into the more polished sound of Cast, The Bluetones and Oasis. I have enjoyed listening to all the above bands at various times of my life, but move over now because The Swagger are here to bring it right up to date and they’re not messing around. Having supported many famous bands during their career they have also headlined at Liverpools famous Cavern Club and last year they also got to tour the west coast of the US with great success.
Loaded Gun was released in May this year and is by far the standout song in their collection. As soon as the almost post-apocalyptic intro kicked in I just knew I was going to love it. The guitar riff is catchy as hell and a constant reminder that these guys mix rock and indie to perfection with Lees vocals emulating an early Liam Gallagher. Although you may note a familiarity of days gone by in many of the songs they have created a unique, raw sound by blending the genres together. Lyrically this track has a more mature nature to it, and who doesn’t love a gritty, powerful Rocky Balboa speech perfectly knitted into the moody melody just to pack a final punch.
The Swagger are a ‘One to watch out for’ band and hopefully in the not too dystopian future I will get to catch them at a live show. Until then, check out the song, check out the video, check out the band and keep on loving music!!!


Philip Goddard

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