The Prodigy at the Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

The Prodigy didn’t really affect me until the second album ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’. My mate Wayne would blast it out in his Yellow Escort Van, which had a Military Grade sound system in it.

It wasn’t really the Dance Beats that won me over it was the fact that the tunes were brilliantly composed and as a Photographer they lit up my imagination. Tonight I was here to see the other side, the Experience of The Prodigy Live.

Because I was shooting pics I knew they were going to be very difficult to photograph with strobes etc. They played Breathe while I was in the pit which was a bit of a buzz. Because they mix a lot of the tunes I was just getting little tasters at times, when I was putting my bag in the cloakroom I heard Climbatize beginning and I rushed, never happened.

I know tonight marked 25 years since Fat of the Land so I knew a few gems were coming. Firestarter was played with no keith but I was gobsmacked when I saw him in the lasers, sent a shiver that one. What a great tribute.

Probably my biggest tune I wanted to hear was Their Law, to experience the intense bass it produces. Was absolutely epic, the crowd went mad when they heard the guitar riff at the beginning.

Most of my favourite Jilted Generation songs were played, not in full at times but enough. Break and Enter, No Good  (start to dance) and Poison.

The live version of Diesel Power was really good. Later on Smack My Bitch Up sent the could wild before a short break. I decided to go then as I had a journey and had work in the morning.

I had a great night, I wasn’t expecting people just like me there. It didn’t really dawn on me till I was there that The Prodigy were around 30 years. Omg. I really wanted to be near the front, my mind is willing but my body hasn’t the bus fare.

As for The Prodigy without Keith, it won’t be the same but they are still amazing.


Philip Goddard

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