Singin’ in the Rain with Jess Glynne at Haydock

The first time I’ve seen Jess Glynne and I knew she would be a class act.

We didn’t just get a concert but a great evening at the races too. It did rain from start to finish, but thats why Ponchos were invented.

After a short wait from the end of the races, Jess Glynne walked on stage and opened with ‘Hold my Hand’, probably one of the best pop songs in decades.

All through the show, the rain poured down relentlessly, no one was bothered. A sea of ponchos and brollies.

I was actually suprised at her live sound, her voice is flawless and so are her band. A lot of her songs have a very Gospel feel to them.

She played Rollin, Take me home, Don’t be so hard on yourself and Rather Be…….plus loads more.

As a whole, the evening was well run and seemed to be enjoyed by all, even with the rain. The bar staff were friendly, so were the mobile Beer sellers… legs were wobbly so I think I met a lot of them.

There was only one negative, there were no shuttle buses, we got a taxi there but it was impossible after the gig, we walked to Newton-le-Willows train station with no chance whatsoever of hailing a cab. But we had a good laugh on the way back so was no big issue.

A thoroughly enjoyed family evening out, my daughter was smiling from here to here on the way home.


Philip Goddard

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