Septimus by Bohemea. By Joanne Marsland

The eagerly anticipated first single, Septimus, from Bohemea has just dropped on Spotify this week and it doesn’t disappoint. Hailing from Liverpool, Bohemea haven’t been together that long as a unit but are obviously a hard working, talented bunch of lads to produce such magical material in a short space of time. Septimus, a cohesion of indie rock and synth pop, has all the enthusiasm of the killers early tracks such as Somebody told me and Jenny was a friend of mine with an equally catchy chorus you will be humming to all day. Frontman, Dominic, throws everything and more he can into his vocals and he assures me that there are even bigger and better songs to follow this little beauty. But for the time being click on the link below and enjoy Septimus in all its glory……


Philip Goddard

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