Ronan Keating puts on a phenomenal performance at Haydock Park

Review and Photos by Christopher Ryan

Ronan Keating put on a phenomenal performance at the Haydock park. Having the crowd chant, sing and dance along with no restrictions was a remarkable site to see. This is my first gig for a publication since march 2020 and i’ve got to say it was surreal.

Photography by Christopher Ryan

Ronan was nervous himself tonight as it was his first show since covid and he told us that this week was the first week him and the band actually got together to practice. Its not the same being on zoom or calling to discuss songs due to the pandemic but it was refreshing to actually be in the same room with the band and actually make music. Ronan also talks about how bad the pandemic really hit the music and event industry making it a huge struggle for people to get by as the majority of people were unable to get furlough.
It isn’t just the singers he said. its the people who make the show happen who got hit hardest from the mixers, rodies to the catering staff everyone got hit and it wasn’t easy to get by as we all know and he’s thankful to the fans and to all the people who help make events happen as music and events are a huge huge part of peoples lives without realizing sometimes.

Photography by Christopher Ryan

For the set we were spoilt by Ronan playing the classics of his even including some hits from boyzone and covering brown eyed girl the whole crowd including myself were constantly singing along while Ronan was doing some funky dance moves on stage which helps set the mood for the night filled with emotion and laughter, seeing friends family and loved ones just having a good time like nothing else matters! I’ve missed this.

Photography by Christopher Ryan

To top it of there was a mini encore which ended with rollercoaster which almost got crowd surfers going! Ronan has also said to watch out for later this year as he will be launching a new album! Exciting stuff i wonder if he’ll realese another six singles like in the last album.

Photography by Christopher Ryan

Overall this is truly a night not to forget, Ronan was just so happy to be here tonight performing for the first time in front of a crowd which gave him the feel good attitude of things will be okay. Im really hoping that this will be one of many things that will be back to normal without thinking of the c word all the time.

Until next time Chris signing off.


Philip Goddard

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