Rhapsody Of Fire, Dendera and Collibus at Rebellion, February 14th 2020

Rhapsody Of Fire

By Joanne Marsland

Rebellion February 14th 2020

Friday night began a little earlier than we’d hoped at Rebellion, and by the time we arrived Collibus were well into their set. Having said that, the place was already busy and despite the band being a few band members short they sounded great.

I first saw Dendera a few years back at SOS fest where they stood out from the rest and I immediately became a fan. Ashleys vocals are something else, those high notes are window shattering, and on Friday that hadn’t changed, but I also noticed how awesome the rest of the band are too. You can’t fail to notice this heavy metal band from Portsmouth surely must have been influenced by the mighty Iron Maiden as they treated us all to a spectacular performance of many songs from their back catalogue and also some new stuff which sounded just as good … Well done guys!!!!!

Rhapsody Of Fire were last up, and this power metal band from Italy were exactly what you’d expect from a European power metal band. Theatrical, crowd pleasing, energy packed songs from beginning to end. The band, who are currently on a tour of Europe, were loud and solid, which you would expect after over 20 years in the business, the drums really packing a punch and singer Giacomo a highly entertaining front man.

I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to spend valentines day than enjoying a raucous night of quality metal bands at Rebellion and drinking rum in good company!!!!


Philip Goddard

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