OMD – Manchester Apollo 20/11/21

OMD were always a band on the radio with great pop tunes to me until about a year ago when I started listening to their first album on Spotify, things changed.
I shot them a few years ago at the Manchester Academy and thought they were outstanding but this time is different, they have an album in my all-time Top Ten.

I think the only reason I took to the album ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark‘ so much is I love early 80s Electro Pop music…..Depeche Mode, Early Simple Minds, Soft Cell…….the list goes on.

So tonight they came to the Apollo in Manchester for their Architecture and more tour.


The first half of the show was the album ‘Architecture and Morality‘ in its entirety, the first 4 songs including Sealand, The New Stone Age and Georgia were played when I was in the pit, I tend to zone out when I’m taking pics but although they were great tunes, I didn’t recognise any of them… wasn’t until they played Souvenir and Joan of Arc ( Maid of Orleans ) was I in element.
Andy McCluskey joked when they played Souvenir that here is a single for you, aimed at the non die hard fans like me.

Andy McCluskey

When I decided to go to the bar to stock up, Messages started playing, which I was a bit gutted about cos its by far my favourite OMD song but never mind, Tesla Girls followed.

Paul Humphreys

(Forever) Live and Die is probably the song that introduced me to OMD back when I was sniffling kid, love that song and sang my heart out, hope I didn’t ruin anyone’s videos. After Locomotion is was just class single after class single…..Pandoras Box, Sailing on the Seven Seas then Enola Gay.

Andy McCluskey

They left the stage and we waited for them to come back on and play the Obvious song they hadn’t played………Electricity!!! which came after Secret and followed by The Romance of the Telescope.

It was a fantastic night, I introduced a friend to them and even managed to steal a kiss from her 😉

The Atmosphere was loud and fantastic, Thank you OMD and see you again soon


Philip Goddard

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