Mused, Ruby Lounge, Manchester, November 17th 2018

Mused, Ruby Lounge, Manchester, November 17th 2018

Pictures and Review by Joanne Marsland

This was the 5th time I’ve been to see Mused, the authentic tribute to Muse, and they just keep getting better, although maybe it was the great sound quality at the Ruby lounge that lifted this performance to the top of the list. Playing all the hits from Muscle Museum through to Thought Contagion while sustaining a tremendous energy and spot on performance they keep the crowd singing, dancing and chanting right to the end as if they were at a real Muse gig.

Carl appears to morph into Matt Bellamy as soon as he pics up the mic, jumping around on stage in those trademark red trousers he belts out spot on vocals whilst treating the crowd to all those awesome riffs, even teasing the crowd with a snippet of new track Pressure. Stu maintains a cool Chris Wolstenholme stance, playing perfect bass and adding backing vocals( love the Uprising chant especially)and Chris proves that drummers don’t have to be in the background, always geeing the crowd up he exudes personality and gives a 100% performance every time.

Although the crowd know and love every single track there is always that one song that really lifts the room to another level and Plug In Baby created a surge of energy that could have powered Manchester for the whole night. Knights of Cydonia and chants of ‘ one more song’ preceded the encore and after the last few songs the guys exited the stage to a rapturous applause and even though we could have listened to Muse’s entire back catalogue nobody went home feeling short changed. I look forward to seeing this band many more times although it is a shame it will be the last time at The Ruby Lounge due to its forthcoming closure. Cracking night guys, cheers!

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