Mr Big and The Big Finish played at the Manchester 02 Ritz

Mr Big And The Big Finish played at Manchester 02 ritz on Wednesday 20th March 2024.

The lighting was fantastic for each song that was played. Support called Jared James Nichols came on at 7.40 with Mr Big coming on shortly after.

Mr Big came on stage, greeted everybody by saying hello and the crowd responded enthusiastically which started off the night with Addicted to that Rush.

Most of the songs were played with each band member taking a solo part. The guitarist, Paul Gilbert, with a drill on to his guitar while playing it, the bassist, Billy Sheehan was playing the harmonica. The theatrics went down well with the crowd. People were cheering after each song and singing along and they closed the night with The Who song Baba O’Riley . It all over by 10.45 everybody made there exit out smoothly and a good night was had by all.

Words by Tamzin Herz

Photos by Paul Dixon


Philip Goddard

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