IST IST, Wax Heart Sodality at The Independent, Sunderland 06/05/22

Iain Murray sums it up in just a few words.

“Well, that was a canny night like it has to be said. I tactically decided to opt for a gig instead of teaching me Grandbairns even more swear words than they know already at the S.O.L.

Gotta say watching IST IST at Independent was a lot more chilled than a heart attack inducing football game and thanks to Cass for the heeds up about this sublime Manchester band. They are absolutely class with their post punk sound which has a Joy Division-Interpol influence all owa it, but they have their own sound too with especially superb drumming pinning the wonderful songs down. Have to say also the vocals/lyrics are mesmerising and the crowd from the really well attended event listened to every word. Must mention the opening band Wax Heart Sodality anorl, who were garagetastic and utterly bonkers.”

Photos by Steve White 

Words by Iain Murray 



Philip Goddard

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