Halestorm in Manchester at the Albert Hall

Last night came another rescheduled show to hit Manchester.

A long awaited ‘Evening with Halestorm’ came to the Albert Hall in Manchester. A show with no support, just Lzzy and the boys from start to finish. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that Halestorm had been going since the late 90’s, this being only the second time I had seen them, the Apollo gig a few years ago being my first.

When I arrived to pick my pass up, I was told their would be two sets……..the first an acoustic and the second would be electric. I was a bit downhearted due to the fact I’m not keen on acoustic sets, never have been……BUT this was to be different.

Lzzy walked on stage and started playing the piano…..what a voice, I knew she was an impressive singer but was not expecting how good she sings when the song is stripped down. Opening with Break In, we were promised a few live debuts and some songs very rarely played. Raise your Horns was the first live debut of the night…….songs Mz Hyde, I’m not an Angel and Heart of Novacaine followed.

Lzzy then announced it was time for a singalong….what is the one Mancunian song perfect for crowd participation? Don’t look back in Anger…….I hear you say? The crowd erupted and sang with the band from start to finish. Good choice Halestorm.

They ended the first set with Familiar taste of poison and The Silence.

Lzzy then announced she was just going to put her heels on will be back shortly.

After a short break, the band walked out ready to blow the roof off the place.

Lzzy dressed in black and looking immaculate and ready. They started with Back from the dead followed by Love Bites ( so do I ), I as per usual were oblivious as I was zoned out shooting pics in the pit. After Mayhem, I had to try and find somewhere to watch the show, I always prefer at the back. Not a chance, the place was packed like a tin of sardines. As soon as I opened the door, was total people.

I managed to eventually find a spot up on the balcony where just after I say down they played I get off followed by my favourite Amen and one hell of a drum solo. 

Arejay Hale is an hypnotic drummer, I found myself watching him for most of the set, pure talent.

They finished out with I am the fire which was followed by an encore of Here’s to us, Bombshell, The Steeple and finally finishing on I miss the misery.

I Loved every minute of the night, Halestorm are the best Rock Band around at the minute in my opinion and can’t wait to see them again.


I think it’s only fair I mention the Bearded Blair Witch Banshee Bloke who was near me during the acoustic set, trying to hit the long high notes with Lzzy, lovable fella  please don’t give up your day job 😉

Photos and Review by Philip Goddard 


Philip Goddard

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