Gateways Festival didn’t let the rain dampen the spirit of the people

Photos and Review by Christopher Ryan

Gateways festival didn’t let the rain dampen the spirit of the people. For a festival that’s on its first year its safe to say it went on a high success. Even with the majority of the weekend being in rain it didn’t stop the crowd nor bands to have a good time. This might of been a small Festival, however there were plenty of Top Bands and Upcoming future stars that we will hopefully see again soon.


Opening up is Liam Jarvis with his strong  acoustic vocals he opened up this weekend with a warm welcome. What was an added bonus was his cover of Wilson Picket mustang sally which he nailed of course!

Next up is country singer Katy Hurt giving the hills of Yorkshire the ol ye haw, with a mix of upbeat music along with some chilled soothing tracks she sure did give us an insight to the future of country musicians.

Bull on stage with their free spirit vibes folk/indie meets the free spirit of music which gives you a kick of feel good. These give me the mix of Noah and the Whale mixed with Blur worth a checking out.

King No One:  Vibrant alt pop rockers rock the stage with their bold vibes and presence helped kick the crowd into a trance ignoring the fact its raining. That takes skill to be on a festival mid afternoon.

Dodgy: Now comes the summer alright one of a few legends from the 90’s are here this weekend. Getting the crowd into some feel good spirits with classics like good enough, staying out for the summer and in a room. rain or shine nothing will stop em.

Buzzcocks:  To see these legends on stage is truly an experience. I’m really glad the band is still going on to help the spirit of one of the original punk bands still going strong. Pete Shelley would be proud. No single fucks were given by Steve Diggle, despite his age of 66 he acts like he’s still in his youth. I’d highly recommend you see these guys when they do a tour its one for the bucketlist.

Lightning Seeds: Another big 90’s iconic band takes the stage we are truly spoilt. Of course they played gems like Pure , you showed me and its coming home, yes belive it or not the crowd demanded this to be played as they chanted its coming home when there is silence. To see fans sing and dance in the rain , you can’t get rid of the football spirit.

Feeder: Need i say more?  another band that’s been going strong since the 90’s prove once again many reasons why they still reign. Classics like buck rogers, just a feeling, feeling a moment, just a day. They hooked the crowd even with the rain pouring down heavy nothing will stop the guys from lashing out the rock of music! That and again the crowd don’t care about being wet. Feeder used the time on stage just to pump in as many music as possible, which just shows that they have missed out on performing in front of people as much as us.


Luckily Sunday is a lot more dry than Saturday, yes there was rain here and there but my god its not as bad as yesterday. Kicking of today is Scottish singer Cody Feechan with her acoustic rock pop hybrid she sure did make an impact on us today. She is one of many bands this weekend that will sure get bigger over the years.

Andrew Cushin: One of a few that got my attention. He’s actually only just formed as a full band from being as a solo artist and i’ve gotta say i have full faith in this guy. I reckon soon he will be on tours with the likes of Sam fender and lewis capaldi . Strong vocals talented song writing that grabs you and with humour he will be going places.

Emily Capell: I have no idea on how to describe what i’ve witnessed but she was incredible! The songs were jazzy, upbeat and humorous i’ve got had a giggle that much from a gig for a good while! Charasmatic witty humour and feel good music what else is needed apart from a pint? I really do hope Emily and the others do go and become huge artists over the next few years because this is what festivals are about. Yes you have the big headliners but there are also some talent which are yet to be discovered and i’d highly recommend seeing/ giving them a listen. Oh and it was a pleasure meeting the kardasians.

Artful Dodger: Garage legends hit the stage and the festival suddenly turns into a rave. With mixes on tracks like Re Wind ( crag david)  and Moving to fast along with chucking in other cult classic club and garage tracks which made me feel like i was in school again ahhh nostalgia. I wasn’t the only one on this nostalgia trip the crowd and some of the staff were also on memory lane, Ravers never die.

Toploader: Speaking of memory lane toploader are here and giving us a late 90’s trip with classics like dancing in the moonlight, Achilles Heel, let the people know it made a chance from raving to rocking out. with a lot of confidence from singer/ pianist  Joseph Washbourn he took the help for the funk.

Scouting for girls: Happy to be here and so was we their set was crazy. Everyone was so happy, the smiles from the peoples faces. the smiles from the band this is exactly the feel good vibes we all need. Yorkshire is the theme for the set. if you know you know. This band is impossible to get sad over even with some sad songs the fans were going crazy jumping dancing singing hugging, Its been a tough 16 months but witnessing moments like this is priceless and its what we all need to do. Go in a field with your favourite music, drinks and just forget everything that’s an issue.  She’s so lovely,heartbeat   bad superman, she’s so lovely, i wish i was james bond, were some of many gems played tonight.


Razorlight: Ending the festival with a band indie rockers razorlight hit the stage on a energetic high note , Johnny Borrell giving it all to keep the crowd going, songs like golden touch,
America, in the morning. come rain or shine this festival has to end and with a bang, a cracking firework show ending on what has been a truly remarkable nostalgic festival which we need more of!

It felt odd being in a field with 7000 people with no restrictions but all that was forgotten for a weekend that made it all seem normal again. I’ve missed this. A festival full of legends and upcoming talent for present and the future which i look forward to see them grow!

Until next time

Chris signing off.


Philip Goddard

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