Firestorm becomes Firevolt….but another quality line up

Firestorm Rock Festival has changed its name to Firevolt Festival due to not originally registering the name….Stret, the owner of Purple Universe Group said..

When Bev and I decided we were going for it we started to play around with names for the festival, I wanted to call it Fireball (I’m a Deep Purple Fan, go check it out, very underrated album in my opinion). We came across an existing festival down south somewhere which was something to do with Fire Balls more like a parade of fire if you like, so I came up with FIRESTORM. We did our due diligence searched Companies House, searched the Trademark Register, Social Media and trawled through the first 10 pages on a returned Google search but nothing came up apart from a metal band in Germany, so we went with it and launched.

“School boy Error”

We didn’t register the name!

At that time, we were all heads down and picking our battles to “make it all happen”. Then in or around April we received an email informing us of a potential name clash, the short of the long story is, the other party hadn’t used it for a number of years and this is why it probably didn’t come up in any searches.

We decided it would be better to have our own unique name and began the process of Trade marking FIREVOLT FESTIVAL.

As for the Line Up this year, I’m actually gobsmacked at the quality of bands that will be playing on my doorstep.

Massive Wagons, Virginmarys, The Answer, Royal Republic, Dare, Black Spiders, Kris Barras and many more….These are bands that are attracting great crowds at the moment and I expect this to sell out without a doubt.

I was there last year and it was easily my fave small festival of the year, lots of great bands, sunshine, beer and people. Get your tickets at

Additionally they are having a Battle of the Bands competition as they did last year.

Firevolt Rock Festival, formally known as Firestorm (Manchester) Rock Festival are proud to announce in association with LEAF PROMOTIONS and sponsored by TROOPER their BOTB competition giving new & emerging rock bands the opportunity to play the festival on either the Friday or Saturday (11th & 12th August 2023).

The competition will take place at:

Rebellion Bar


On Sunday 25th June 2023

In 2022 The Battle of the Bands Competition saw applications of over 100 bands applying to take part in the inaugural BOTB competition which saw the likes of UNKOWN REFUGE, BLACK ROZE, & A’PRIORI being eventually crowned the three winners.

This year (2023) we are offering two slots to open the festival.

I only became aware of this festival days before it happened last year and I can’t wait for this one. See you there!

Also if you want to apply to get your band playing there…


Philip Goddard

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