DMAs packed a punch at Victoria Warehouse

DMAs packed a punch at Victoria Warehouse tonight. Hitting the stage with their sing along melancholy tunes.

The lighting and sound were immense with songs for every crowd member to sing along and vibe to.

The DMAs

Although the general atmosphere was fantastic with great, friendly crowds, there were more fights and aggressive teenagers than I’ve ever seen at a gig before.

Highlight of the night was a guy running into a wall, thinking it was a toilet door and throwing up all over the floor where the band were about to play.

The DMAs

DMAs as a well known band sure read their crowd and performed to the best of their abilities to make sure their punters had a top night.

With a range of fast, upbeat songs and slow, sing along, melodic tunes, we had a cracking night!

Review by Matt Jones

Photos by Philip Goddard


Philip Goddard

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